Welcome to Nordham

Welcome to Nordham

Nordham is the developer and manufacturer of high technology needed by the climate, industry and defense industries.

The technological products we produce and the solutions we provide are among the indispensable parts of many leading applications in the sector. The breadth and diversity of our expertise lies in the different branches of the industry from the medical sector; Defense and space industry security to the automotive sector.

Nordham is one of the industry leaders in offering high adaptability and customization options for its high-tech products.

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Nordham Technologies

Nordham is a research and development (R & D) company that has its proprietary technological know - how combined with high - quality materials, efficient, sustainable and qualified service and result - oriented service and has adopted the principle of providing the best solution to the needs of its customers as soon as possible.

Since 1993, every area in which it has actively participated has been among the pioneers with its technology, production quality and effective service mechanism and every area it produces products and services, and is getting closer to the leader in the sector day by day.

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